450 Exhibition [Nuit Blanche 2020]

Project Description

“450” is a rectangular installation of 78x47x28cm made of mirrors, led panels and wood. It is controlled via a computer.

“450” is a work composed of 450 mirrors whose orientation is constrained by 4 possible values (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°). This landscape is revealed in 450 possible choices.

The mirrors reflect more than ten thousand points of light from led panels. The visual experience of “450” redefines the very concepts of format and frame. These notions are intrinsically linked to the movement of the spectator who becomes actor and explorer.

The luminous choreography reinforces this immersion by altering the viewer’s senses. This dance is controlled by the spectator’s hands. Like a conductor he will also influence the installation’s ambient sound.

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